fr_ebusiness_glossary (fr_ebg™)

The glossary is used to provide the employees of a company and its departments (e.g. sales, marketing) with unified term definitions. The homogenous use of the glossary term results in a decrease of errors and in a concerted appearance (material corporate identity). The technical development of the fr_ebg allows using the glossary online by central management.

The systematic use of the glossary will lead to a homogeneous contractual terminology within the company, e.g. in its legal department. For the marketing department it can result in a company characterising language relating to any marketing tools independent from the media and documentation, it can also result in an uniform technical use of terms in manuals, technical documentation and specifications.

The uniform developing and using of terms has to be secured within an enterprise, in particular for a foreign language. As the glossary can be used on the internet, it can also be centrally managed for subsidiaries.

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