fr_elearning_tool (fr_elt™)

Within the scope of its fr_risk_management_system (fr_rms™) fr has developed Client Policy Handbooks (CPH) for all major business functions, e.g.

The necessary knowlegde related to the management of each respective area of responsibility is systematically included therein. The CPH which is sustainably tested is available in German or English, and may be put on the intranet of each respective company respectively its subsidiaries.

Knowledge transfer is enhanced and simplified by linking the content of the electronic CPH at the individual level of each employee to the fr_elt™. This tool allows for each employee to gain knowledge by initiative and control on his own. Success may be checked through statistics for a long term. The fr_elt™ comprises three modi.

At an individual level, the tool with the aid of fr_elt™ serves to initiate a knowledge transfer and knowledge check for employees. The advantage is that each employee individually and on his own, may, according to his centre of work, perform the knowledge transfer and knowledge check at any time.

This individual learning process is supported by regular coaching. The coaching uses the content of the respective electronic handbook and provides the opportunity to exchange experience, questions and suggestions for further development on a face to face basis with the author. Prior to the coaching sessions, the employees are asked to address their questions via e-mail to the text modules' author, so that tailored answers may be made available which the employees need for their daily work. The issue at hand is the transfer of knowledge, and not the consultation of a company in relation to their individual procedures.

By issuing the electronic handbooks to the employees in form of a CD, the employees are given the opportunity to direct, from any page of the CD, their questions, comments and suggestions for further development of the CD's content to the author of the respective text module. The authors will ensure that the results of such enquiries are analysed, and that answers and interim answers are provided in a short time. As a rule, extensions or more precise statements of the electronic handbooks' content are achieved therefrom.

The fr_elearning_tool is designed for an overall review of the CD's complete subject matter (Mode III). 100 questions comprising all subject matters will be chosen at random. The employee is then given the opportunity to perfrom this review within a given time frame. If the employee achieves a result of 75% correct answers, he will receive a certificate which decorates him "Master of E-Business™". This certificate can be used together with an incentive as a motivation for the employee's own qualification e.g. in the work area of e-business.

Independent of the individual qualification of the employee, a second implementation strategy needs to developed at the management's level.

For illustrating purposes:A question related to domain lawThe statistics of Mode II are graphically displayed and provided to the employee after each session.

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