fr_claim_management_system (fr_cms™)

The tool fr_claim_management_system (fr_cms™) is a single or multi-user solution which is based on MS Access; this tool makes it possible that claims, particularly those arising from industrial plant contracts, respectively complex building contracts or long-term contracts, may systematically be recorded, administrated, analysed, and archived. This tool is a wide ranged tool for any project manager to systematically and simply comprehend the facts in question.

At the same time, the respective costs (actual costs or temporary estimated costs) may be allocated to each claim, so that a project accompanying financing may be traced, which is necessary for proper claim administration. By making sample documents available to the project management, legally perused text modules are provided which support the project process and make project process more efficient.

Internal und external documents (e.g. letters, e-mails, plans, photos) can be immediately linked to the respective claim (claim file). Simultaneously, one can verify whether or not the legal and insurance departments, any insurances or public bodies have been involved. The results of such involvement can be clearly and presentationally connected to each claim. Even in case of staff turnover at project management level, a familiarisation time of two hours maximum should suffice to enable any third party to independently continue with the administration of project management.

A first impression is given by these screenshots.

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