fr_internet_link_manager (fr_ilm™)

fr_ilm™ comprises a databse structure of selected internet links. Using this tool, employees may easily find what they are searching for on the internet. The most sutiable sources were analytically chosen. Each source is shortly charactedrised in relation to access, cost, quality, topicality and such. The database is maintained and supplemented interactively together with the companies using it. Each client may at any time call on the latest edition of this tool by logging on to our system. The utilization of this tool was able to show measurable, substantial time savings by using synergy effects with the internet research. In particular, this applies to routine inquiries which may systematically be solved via the links connected to the fr_ilm™. Usually, the so called "deep links" are used in the fr_ilm™. Should these have changed in the meantime, a link to the homepage of the provider is available to the employee.

Employees of the legal department of the Chamber of Commerce Nuremberg for Middle Franconia, the Legal Office of the City of Nuremberg, the legal department of the University of Bamberg, were trained on this tool.

Inquiries about fr_ilm™: