Beyond legal advice, we offer intranet compatible solutions to our clients which, in the course of the relationship with the client will eventually reduce the advisory effort and lead to an economy of scale of the client's expenses. The aim of solutions is to optimise the standard business of the company in such a way that little advisory effort is necessary and the concentration of the advice may be limited to individual cases, contracts and projects for which a standard solution is out of question. Risks which may result from standard situations (e. g. due to incompatible Terms and Conditions or a lack of an appropriate liability) are shown systematically and presented clearly so that each employee can deal with such risks and reliably exclude them or at least limit such risks.

The optimisation of the standard business is based on fr_risk_management_system (fr_rms™). fr_rms contains both solutions which may be applied to various lines of business (e.g. the Client Policy Handbook for Supply) as well as solutions which are tailored to certain lines of business (e.g. software or power plants), or are even company specific (e.g. sample contracts or Terms of Conditions for the company), or are suitable for a single topic (e.g. cartel law, domain law). Each of these solutions in its implementation is supported by the respective coaching modules as well as the e-learning tool that fr developed, which are both provided on CD-Rom (fr_elt™). For a detailed description plase refer to our essay Digital Knowledge Management in Attorney-Client Service.