fr_digital_knowledge_management (fr_dkm™)

The project inuus is the result of a cooperation between the Universität Bamberg (chair for practical computer science), the Risk Management Institute (IRM)® and fr. The aim of the project was to develop a product in the field of ”digital knowlegdge management“, which, in particular, may be implemented in the consulting professions such as

and for medium-sized companies such as

fr has successfully tried the product as an intranet-based application and has catalogued more than 7300 documents. The result is a SQL database, which allows a structured administration of contracts, contract annexes, and other documents (e.g. marketing brochures, manuals, specifications, work instructions, quality control handbooks etc.).

A form of presentation has been chosen which does not only allow the document to be found in its entirety, but also gives transparency to the document’s structure at all levels. This allows to efficiently administer and locate complex documents and to use a full index search. All types of data can be introduced into the database, including videos, pictures etc.

Using this tool offers medium-sized companies a high level of rationalisation in digital knowledge management. fr supports the implementation of the fr_dkm™ tool.

For a first impression see these Screenshots.

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