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The fr_risk_management_system (fr_rms™) provides the following Client Policy Handbooks (CPH):

The CPH "Supply Business" is designed for business executives and technicians working in sales and project management, and contains basic knowledge for various lines of business which any employee concerned with the structuring and realisation of contracts must have. It explains simply and clearly the central, commercial legal queries related to supply contracts and contains the related company guidelines. The CPH Supply Business is set up in a modular manner and contains simple explanations on each topic as well as detailed and industrial proven approaches in the form of checklists and clauses in the German and English language.  

The coaching offered by fr and the fr_elearning_tool ensure that each employee who has access to the fr_elearning_tool, may at any time, verify, what the basic knowledge is, and if he is competent at it.  

The possibility of installing the CPH Supply Business CD-Rom on any work station enables each employee to draw on the basic knowledge wherever and whenever they wish, even when negotiating contracts abroad. Therefore, the employee is often capable of negotiating contracts independently and only requires legal aid when the instructions and negotiating options differ from those of the CPH. Furthermore the employee may determine the rate of his study as well as check on his learning success by himself, individually and independently from the predetermined curriculum. Therefore the transfer of knowledge is personalised.   The CPH "Organisation and Infrastructure" contains company guidelines for company organisation and for the existing infrastructure of a company.

The CPH Organisation and Infrastructure makes the internal organisation of the company transparent and thereby substantially reduces the risk of liability of the management based on organisational fault. At the same time, however, the internal guidelines of the company are linked for the employees in one place. Therefore, the internal guidelines of the company may be realized by new employees in a concentrated manner.  

The CPH comprises tailored sample contracts as well as general terms and conditions for a company (e.g. confidentiality agreements, German/English, consortium contracts German/English). The sample contracts as well as the general terms and conditions are presented within the CPH Standard Solutions in line with the corporate identity pattern. This has the advantage that when actually using the sample contracts and general terms and conditions no further work needs to be done.

The CPH Specific Solutions contains company guidelines in relation to specific subjects, e.g. technical specifications, domain law, internet appearance, merger control, sales concepts.