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The fr Risk Management System (fr_rms™) is designed to provide a risk management system adapted to the needs of medium-sized companies.The German Legislation on Control and Transparency in Undertakings (KonTraG) provides that the Board of a Company has to take appropriate measures, such as a system of supervision, to ensure the early detection of any developments potentially threatening the very existence of the company. This duty of care also applies to the management of other types of company (such as limited liability companies etc.). In the case of companies operating on several levels (parent and subsidiary companies) the duty of supervision and organisation applies on a group level insofar as any of the subsidiary companies may be the cause of developments threatening the entire group. fr_rms™ has a modular structure and differentiates between the following typical risk areas of a company.

Organisation, Infrastructure



Other Risks


The modular construction of the (fr_rms™) allows us to realise a company's risk management system in the shape of a phase model starting with those issues which initially present the greatest risk potential for the company in question. To identify these risks, we will apply a due diligence process to the company in question, the result of which will be communicated to the management of the company in a Due Diligence Report. On the basis of this report we will then find and prioritise made-to-measure solutions in cooperation with the company. fr will adapt the layout of client policy handbooks, draft contracts and general terms and conditions to fit the corporate identity guidelines of the company in question and realise these throughout. The solutions offered will be methodically structured to sensitise staff to risks, to establish a risk-orientated communication structure and to implement a clear and unequivocal allocation of tasks and competencies in the company. The implementation of solutions will be based on internet-accessible software as well as on CD-ROM and their accompanying coaching modules as well as the permanently accessible fr_elearning_tool (fr_elt™), which is a flexible management training tool.