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WinJur® is a software solution aimed at commercial law firms also active in consulting as well as for internal legal departments of companies which was developed in Switzerland. It is a powerful server application based on Microsoft SQL-servers. The software solution comprises complete project management including address, document and fee management. An integrated time sheet organiser allows detailed time and expenditure accounting and thus ensures transparent billing of every project to the client. The WinJur integrated Document Control Center means that all project documents are archived in WinJur. The WinJur generated documents will be automatically linked to the project in question and are accessible from each work place, independently of the editor. The use of unified templates results in unified external presentation and thus a matching unified Corporate Identity. Using client-specific elements means that documents, contracts, graphics etc. (“documents”) can be created specifically for a client which can then be used without further editing, thus further increasing synergy. Conversion of all documents to the PDF format ensures authenticity of documents in cases of electronic transmission.

Clients, too, will find this data management system ideally suited to their own needs. Due to many years of experience with this product fr is able to fully support them in its application. Particular advantages and rationalisation can be achieved in combination with the digital_knowledge_management tool (fr_dkm™).

A first impression is given by these screenshots.